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> R & D Center
Xianluo has specially established the provincial R&D center for the new type of building material, with more than 10 junior and senior engineers, occupying 12% of the personnel in the company; the annual R&D expenses can reach to more than RMB 2 million, and the subordinate units of the R&D center include the experiment center, the design center, the experiment line of the medium dimension experiment, the production and experimental base, and the production line exhibition center. Currently, it has obtained more than 30 various patents for invention.

The task of the R&D center:

■ Research and develop new type of building material transportation, calcination, dust removal, non-standard manufacturing, cooling system as well as the upgrading and innovation of special equipment for the homogenizing system inside the warehouse;
■ As per the different gypsum, and nonmetal raw materials as well as the diversity of product usage worldwide, adopt differential design for the new type of building material production line;
■ Conduct raw material analysis, raw material test, process design, equipment flow design, and infrastructure design provided for the clients;
■ Cooperate with the supporting enterprises to change the general purpose equipment into the special equipment for constructional materials; the non-standard R&D and production;
■ R&D flow: raw material analysis→ experimental production→ medium dimension experiment→ establishing database→ external connection design→ comprehensive design;

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