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  The professional, systematic, and standard installation system; the excellence rate of installation can reach to 100%;

  Over the ten years, Xianluo has trained three professional installation teams based on the project manager responsibility system, and meanwhile, formed professional, systematic, and standard installation system, and each construction site is equipped with consolidation tool cabinet, and construction vehicle, and during the installation process, the inspection is executed as per the Level 3 inspection system. The non-standard production line installation shall be fabricated as per the industrial processing flow, and over the years, more than 60 production lines are installed at home and abroad, and after inspection, the high quality rate can reach to 100%.

  The joint debugging of engineers, zero debugging expense:

  During the debugging, the installation engineer, process engineer, equipment engineer, the special debugging engineer of matching production factories will conduct joint debugging, and the debugging plan will be formulated for each production line,  froming the no-load operation of single machine, system, and the entire line to the system load operation, and the entire line load operation, each link is tested as per the standard; besides, several operators with more than 5 years of experiences in the operation of production line are equipped at the debugging site, so as to ensure the zero debugging expenses of the production line for the building material.

  The production line debugging flow: the no-load operation of single machine→ system operation→ entire line linkage→ subsystem material input→ entire line debugging→ flow and production confirmation

  One-to-one operational training of the engineer:

  Focus on the training for the operators at the first production line of the construction party, and conduct as per the theory and practice combination method; there will be installation engineers providing trainings for the maintenance backbones of the construction party, and there are also process engineer, device engineer, and operating engineer adopting the theory and site combination method to train the first line operators, so as to obtain the objective of understanding the process, equipment and operating method, and during the normal production, one-to-one method is adopted to conduct actual operation training.

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